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Dataviz as Maps: Europe on the Brink

Readers: I recently discovered 1843 Magazine. is the website of 1843, the culture, lifestyle and ideas magazine from The Economist. It offers content from the print edition, as well as The Daily, which regularly publishes blog posts – quickfire observations, reviews and opinions. Access is entirely free via the Apple iOS devices and […]

NYT DataViz: The Two Americas of 2016

Readers: This was an interesting, creative story and data visualization that appeared in last Wednesday’s New York Times. It was written and created by Tim Wallace of The New York Times. Mr. Wallace is a designer, mapmaker, obsessor of old things, gummi bear enthusiast. He is currently the Graphics Editor at […]

DataViz as Maps: The Battle of Saratoga

Turning Point of the Revolution The Battle of Saratoga secured a critical French alliance for the Americans during the American Revolution, providing monetary and military support to outlast the British. It is recognized as one of the fifteen most decisive battles in world history. Fought eighteen days apart […]