Source: Gringer, Bonnie, THE HIGHEST RISK PLACES IN AMERICA FOR YOUR CAR And How To Avoid Becoming a Victim of Car Theft,, It’s very import to not only drive safely but park safely! When your car is sitting around in parking lots or driveways, it’s good to use smart tactics to avoid having […]

Readers: Phillip Writer, a contributor for Burt Brothers Tires, recently sent me this infographic showing a chronology of the history of tires. Phillip points out that the wheel was invented around 3500 BC, becoming one of man’s greatest innovations. In its earliest form, the wheel was a curved piece of wood. Leather was eventually added […]

Self-driving cars are expected to become main stream within the next 5 years. Yet, we have little idea how it will impact our daily lives, insurance premiums and traffic law enforcement. Who will get the ticket in a car accident? This infographic compares self-driving cars to human drivers and explores the impact millions of self-driving cars […]

Source: Dole, Timothy, History of the Internal Combustion Engine,,  

It is known as Cadillac One and ‘The Beast’. GM has been testing the new iteration of the “beast” on proving grounds in Michigan since last August. “It’s Cadillac’s honor to design and build the Presidential Limousine, continuing a great American tradition,” said a Cadillac spokesperson. The cutaway infographic above, and the photos below, show […]

Readers: Elliot Butler, from Car Leasing Made Simple, sent me this infographic. We all love cars, and we all love Top Trumps. So this month, here at Car Leasing Made Simple, we decided to combine these interests into ‘Police Car Top Trumps’. A fun infographic comparing some of the fastest, coolest and just plain craziest police […]

Source: Daily Infographic, March 8, 2016  

Ricardo Santos Ricardo.Fine Car Artwork is the personal website of Ricardo Santos, a Portuguese art director and graphic designer. Currently working at Turbo – Portugal’s oldest monthly car magazine, Ricardo has given over the years glimpses of his talent at newspapers such as Diário de Notícias, 24 Horas and Jornal i, with the latter being […]