Who is Martin Telefont? Data Visualization Enthusiast; Generally Curious – Mostly Harmless. QUESTIONS Link: https://www.martintelefont.com/sketches#/the100dayproject2019/ Michael: Hello Martin. I love the cartoons you post on Twitter. Can you tell my readers a little bit about The 100 Day Project? Martin: Hi Michael. Thanks for having me. Thanks for the compliment. That I am doing the […]

Source: Benjamin Bach, Nathalie Henry Riche, Sheelagh Carpendale and Hanspeter Pfister, The Emerging Genre of Data Comics, IEEE Computer Society, May/June 2017, http://www.aviz.fr/~bbach/datacomics/Bach2017datacomics.pdf.  

“Be approximately right, rather than exactly wrong.” –John Tukey From Christopher Doyle on Twitter.  

From Timo Elliott of SAP.

It’s Friday and I felt we all needed a little humor. Here is a data visualization cartoon from our friends at AllAnalytics. [1] Best Regards, Michael