Readers: This was the front page story in today’s Arizona Republic. The metropolitan Phoenix area saw spikes in homicides in 2016. The icon (e.g., gun, knife) shows the cause of death, the color of the icon indicates which city the homicide took place, and below the icon is the date of the homicide. INFOGRAPHIC BY AVIVA […]

Visionary architect Paolo Soleri, the Italian-born designer of the experimental city called Arcosanti in the high desert 60 miles north of Phoenix, died last Tuesday. He was 93. [SOURCE] Soleri, one of the few remaining direct disciples of Frank Lloyd Wright, actually saw few of his projects built. But his exalted manifestos on a revolutionary […]

In the Sunday edition of The Arizona Republic (April 7th, 2013), they began a series on Immigration Reform: Border Security. As many of you know, this is a hot potato issue in the State of Arizona right now. I was pleasantly surprised to see a two page spread infographic on this topic. Below is the […]