Tableau Releases 2019.2 Beta


  • Vector Tile Maps – Tableau is bringing vector tile background maps to Tableau Desktop and Server. Maps will look sharper and feel smoother than ever before, as you pan, zoom in, and zoom out to explore your geospatial data. Enjoy updated dark, normal, and light default styles, ACS demographic data, and for Desktop, new map styles and layers available right out of the box.
  • Parameter Actions – You now have the ability to visually change a parameter’s value. Use parameter actions to drive reference lines, calculations, filters, and SQL queries simply by interacting with marks on a viz, bringing visual interactivity to your data like never before.
  • Replace Worksheet – You can now replace an existing worksheet in a dashboard with a new worksheet from the sheet list, with a single click. Dashboard spacing, dimensions, and aspect ratios are all smartly preserved, allowing for a more delightful and precise authoring experience.
  • Show & Hide Dashboard Containers – Maximize screen real estate with the flexibility to toggle between visible or hidden for any floating container on your dashboard. Streamline what content viewers see, such as customizing instructions, filters, or legends to be hidden when they are no longer useful.
  • Ask Data – The foundation of conversational analytics is here with the ability to add, remove, or replace phrases through follow-up questions. With the ability to create multiple sheets, you can now build full dashboards from Ask Data generated vizzes. Add calculations, such as the sum, difference, and the ratio of two measures, on the fly.
  • Native PostgreSQL Spatial Support – Customers with a PostgreSQL+PostGIS database can now use spatial data stored in those tables. Perform more advanced spatial analysis with the ability to leverage the spatial operations supported by the database.
  • LeftNav, Favorites, and Recents – A new left navigation brings easier access to key pages and content in Tableau Server and Online. Find your favorite and recent content, including projects and Prep flow, at the top.
  • New Product Languages – See and understand data in your local language. All Tableau products are now available in localized versions for Traditional Chinese and English (UK).
  • Secure TabPy Connections – With TabPy, users can plug Python scripts directly into visualizations, and dynamically modify the results. With secure connections for TabPy, users can specify an SSL certificate on the TabPy and Tableau Desktop/Server to secure connections over HTTPS. Now TabPy can be used in scenarios where the data being passed to and from Python requires secured connections.
  • Local Authentication Security – Local Authentication is the most basic Authentication method within Tableau Server. This means users are authenticated Tableau Server itself and they’re identified by their unique username and password. In Tableau 2019.2, Tableau has enhanced Password Policies, Login Rate Limiting giving you more control over the Local Authentication experience.
  • TSM Direct Access – With this feature you can remove your admin passwords from your scripts \ automation needed to run TSM commands when the script is run on the server machine running the TSM controller.
  • Extract Encryption at Rest – Extract Encryption at Rest is a new data security feature that allows users to encrypt their extracts on Tableau Server. Admins can enforce encryption of all extracts on their site or allow users to specify encryption for their published extracts.
  • Stored Procedure Parameters – This feature adds a dialog, which appears when the user tries to add a stored procedure with parameters. It displays the parameters and their types as defined in the database, and let the user edit their values.
  • Identity Based Activation – With identity-based product activations, Tableau administrators can easily reallocate licenses when teams change, activate licenses remotely at time of upgrade, and gain the visibility they need into how many licenses are being used across all product types.
  • Data-driven alert improvements – Subscribe yourself to existing data-driven alerts. A new view shows all alerts that already exist for the viz you are viewing. Adding yourself or others is easy—just select “Add Me.”
  • Export to PowerPoint improvements – You can now export stories to PowerPoint, creating a presentation-ready deck in seconds. Each story point, as you have customized in Tableau, will appear as one slide.
  • Customizable reference line tooltips – You now have the option to customize tooltips for reference lines, bands, and distributions. Edit the tooltip text, or choose to disable the tooltip altogether.
  • SAP Hana 2.0 Support – Now you can connect to and visualize SAP Hana 2.0 data in Tableau


  • Create and edit parameters in the browser – Parameters are dynamic values for use in calculations, filters, and reference lines. Now you can create and edit them in the browser and stay in the flow of your analysis.
  • Spatial calculations support: MakeLine – You can now easily create two-point origin-destination maps, perfect for making flight maps of airline routes.
  • Spatial calculations support: MakePoint – You can now turn latitude/longitude values from text files, Excel, or any data source into spatial fields and use them in spatial joins. With MakePoint, you can spatially enable text files and excel spreadsheets, making it easier to spatially aggregate your data.
  • Create and save private custom views as a Viewer – Now as a Viewer, you can save private, custom views in dashboards you care about, filtered to the information you want to see. Jump back in and get the information you need, quickly and easily every time.
  • Bio-metric sign-in for Tableau Mobile – Sign in once and then rely on touch ID and bio-metrics for future authentication. Use with long-lived tokens for an additional layer of security.
  • Connector improvements – New support for ServiceNow instances hosted on-prem and access to more Marketo tables.
  • Admin views for flow resource governance – See and understand your flow resourcing needs with admin views of flow runs. Know when you need to put more resources toward concurrently running flows.
  • New Tableau home screen – Arrive to a new home page on Tableau Server and Online that displays personally relevant content upfront. Get quick access to favorites and recents, and discover new content through popular views. Additionally, a welcome screen will walk new users through relevant actions based on their role.
  • Site start page – Admins for Tableau Server and Online can now set a start page for the entire site, controlling where all users land when signing-in.
  • Show/hide sort controls – Authors can now preserve the sort order they’ve set on their worksheet by disabling the ability to one-click sort. Rest assured that end-users are always interacting with your data as you intended, for the best dashboard experience.

Note: These features are subject to change.

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