Readers: Last week, I taught an internal Tableau Desktop class at work. Usually, before I started a particular topic, I would go out to various data visualization blogs and show the class some examples of workbooks created by some of the Tableau community. On the last day of class, the group asked if I could […]

Readers: Here are screenshots of my slides from last Thursday’s Tableau Fringe Festival – APAC. We are launching the new Follow Your Money (FYM) next Friday, August 24th, so please check it out then. The link is on the last slide. My thanks to Bridget Cogley, Joshua Milligan, Tim Messar and the Tableau Technical Support […]

Readers: Well, TC18 Europe occurred this week and I was unable to attend again. However, I was able to catch Francois Ajenstat’s, Chief Product Officer for Tableau, keynote address on YouTube. Below are some screenshots and comments from his keynote. Best regards, Michael Francois Ajenstat Keynote Francois pointed out that more people and more data provide […]

Readers: Today, I am blogging my one-on-one discussion with Tim Messar. Tableau Community Spotlight: An Interview with Tim Messar Tim Messar – Biography Tim Messar is a Senior Data Architect working in the insurance industry at Sentry Insurance in Stevens Point, Wisconsin for over 12 years. He serves as a technical lead and resource on several projects and […]

Readers: Today, I am blogging my roundtable discussion with Bridget Cogley and Joshua Milligan. Bridget Cogley Bridget started her professional career as an American Sign Language interpreter.  She loved it, did a fair bit of medical and post-secondary interpreting, and enjoyed analyzing language.  Bridget feels it set the stage for what she does now. Since interpreting, […]

Readers: In Part 3, and our final part of this series on Improving Performance with Data Extracts, we will aggregate a Tableau data extract to the Month level, and review how you can unpackage a .TWBX file. If you have not read Part 2 of this series, you can do so by clicking here. If you have […]

Readers: In Part 2 of this series on Improving Performance with Data Extracts, we will connect to the SQL Server AdventureWorks database, hide unused data source fields, and aggregate data for the visible dimensions. If you have not read Part 1 of this series, you can do so by clicking here. Again, I hope you […]

Readers: It has been a while since I posted a new Tableau Deep Dive. I have to really admire the folks that blog on various Tableau topics every week. Researching, writing, and validating these technical blogs posts takes a lot of time and I wish I could devote more time to posting these. This week, I […]

Readers: In Part 2 of my deep dive into Trending in Tableau, I went over how to customize trend lines as well as the Trend Model. In Part 3, I will finish up this deep dive by discussing how to analyze Trend Models. I hope you enjoy this series about trending in Tableau. Best regards, […]

Readers: In Part 1 of my deep dive into Trending in Tableau, I went over the the different ways of adding trend lines, how trends are calculated by Tableau after querying the data source, and how trend lines are drawn based on various elements in the view. In Part 2, I will go over how to customize […]