With the end of 2018 upon up, we can reflect on the historical events that occurred this year for the teaching profession. In six states, tens of thousands of teachers walked out of their classrooms to protest low salaries and cuts to school funding. In the State of Arizona, the #RedForEd movement had over 50,000 people […]

Source: Global Partnership for Education, Breaking Down the Barriers to Girls’ Education, March 10, 2016, http://www.globalpartnership.org/multimedia/infographic/breaking-down-barriers-girls-education. Explore the challenges that girls in developing countries face to get an education and the benefits that educating girls brings.

Cartoonist, Lynda Barry, aka Professor Chewbacca, aka The Near Sighted Monkey is no secret. I hope to one day to be able to attend one of her classes or at least a lecture or presentation by her. Until that time, I follow her Tumblr page, follow her homework assignments, writing exercises and lesson plans intended for students who take […]

Source: Katie Park, Alyson Hurt, Tyler Fisher and Lisa Charlotte Rost/NPR, Map: How Per-Pupil Spending Compares Across U.S. School Districts, Education Week, April 18, 2016, http://www.edweek.org/ew/section/multimedia/map-how-per-pupil-spending-compares-across-us.html?override=web. An Education Week Research Center analysis of federal data shows spending levels per student in most U.S. school districts for fiscal year 2013. The school finance analysis comes from […]

Readers: Jon Boeckenstedt (photo, right), who works in Enrollment Management for DePaul University, created this data bursting visualization using Tableau. Jon’s thought processes on this and why he created the visualization he created are noted below. What do you think of this visualization and as Jon asks: What do you see in the data? Best […]

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