Readers: Yes, one of the roads traveled in my life leads through Texas. I lived in Texas for a while in the early 1980s. I received my undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas and my Master in Software Engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Living in a small town like College […]

Readers: Tomorrow is my last day in Austin and I thought I would end this trip with a fun infographic from The Great State of Texas. Here is an infographic of Texas Trivia from Cash1Loans from their blog site this past July. This infographic is filled with trivia about the Lone Star State. If you live […]

Readers: I am back in Austin this week on business. I wanted to showcase another Texas-themed infographic and have chosen one from Alfredo Vela. I have always been fascinated with the Armadillo and found Mr. Vela’s infographic full of great information on our little animal friend. Alfredo Vela has developed his career in the world of […]