Halloween may be a little different this year. So when you dress up, socially-distance, and snap those pictures, you’ll want to go for the maximum effect. Lens.com offers a wide range of FDA-approved, prescription Halloween contacts to take your Halloween look to an other-worldly level. Below is their infographic that will help you make sense of costume […]

Happy Halloween! Sortable.com created this nifty infographic showcasing those things we fear.  

Happy Halloween! I hope you get lots of candy! Michael

While everyone loves the timeless options, the top selling Halloween costume trends are often based on pop culture characters for the current year. The Costume Super Center created an infographic featuring the industry’s best new costumes from 2007 to today. It’s fun to see how trends have changed. This Halloween, creepy clowns are in. That’s why Costumer Super […]

Readers: In continuing with my Halloween theme, here are some zombie Venn diagrams for your amusement. Enjoy! Michael Source: Murray, Making it Funny: 8 Hilarious Infographics, Scribble Live, June 12th, 2013, http://www.scribblelive.com/blog/2013/06/12/making-it-funny-8-hilarious-infographics/.

Source: Church of Halloween, The Visual History of Halloween, Halloween Infographics, http://churchofhalloween.com/halloween-infographics/.