Readers: I am hosting Tableau training this week at work. It is always a good feeling watching the newbies working with Tableau and getting excited about how easy and fun it is to be able to visualize their data. Since I never had any formal training with Tableau, I have been sitting in the class […]

Readers: In Part 2 of this series on data blending, we delved deeper into understanding what data blending is. We also examined how data blending is used in Hans Rosling’s well-known Gapminder application. Today, in Part 3 of this series, we will dig even deeper by examining the benefits of blending data. Again, much of Parts 1, […]

Readers: I am occasionally going to re-blog posts from my friend, Bryan Brandow’s MicroStrategy site. I consider Bryan one of the best in the business, but his passions lie in other areas these days. I will denote these blogs by beginning them with “Bryan Redux.” If you want to visit Bryan old site, the URL […]