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Infographic: The Search for Amelia Earhart (Karsten Ivey)

Karsten Ivey is an Infographics designer and co-owner of KarBel Multimedia specializing in creating infographics, interactives and motion graphics for businesses and non-profits. He gained his many years of experience working in the newspaper industry creating, art directing and managing the creation of award-winning infographics on tight deadlines with great attention to detail and accuracy.

Karsten Ivey

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Infographic: Facts About Silencers

Silencers are a greatly misunderstood component of firearms, in large part because of their portrayal in video games and action movies. Though silencers can greatly reduce the noise of a firearm, they do not eliminate the sound of a gunshot completely. Instead, silencers limit the noise to a hearing-safe level, keeping a firearm’s burst below…


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