New Blog Page: My Favorite Data Visualization Blogs


Last week, I taught an internal Tableau Desktop class at work. Usually, before I started a particular topic, I would go out to various data visualization blogs and show the class some examples of workbooks created by some of the Tableau community. On the last day of class, the group asked if I could provide them a list of some of the data visualizations blogs I like.

I created a new blog page today titled My Favorite Data Visualization Blogs. You can get to it using the menu option at the top of my website page to the right (see screenshot below).

Favorite DataViz Blogs

On this page, I have provided a “first cut” list of blog sites I visit fairly often. This by no means is a complete list of all the sites I visit, but were the ones that first came to mind as I was putting it together this morning. I tried to include, in this round, sites that are kept fairly current or offer a lot of Tableau tips and tricks.

Favorite DataViz Blogs - Snippet

I plan to iteratively continue to grow this list as I remember more sites I visit.

I hope you find this helpful.

Best Regards,



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