Yabba Dabba Data! Find me at TC23

Tableau Conference 2023 (TC23) is a little more than a week away.

Like many of my fellow attendees, I will be passing out pins I made for the conference. I thought about what I wanted as a catchphrase and the theme of my pin for a while and decided to go with a riff on one of the catchphrases of one of my favorite childhood television shows, The Flintstones. Fred Flintstone, when he was happy or excited, would yell out “Yabba Dabba Doo!” Me, on the other hand, when I get a visualization to tell me the secrets of my data, I yell out “Yabba Dabba Data!”

Fred Flintstone at TC30000BC

Now, I have a limited number of these pins to pass out. I encourage you to find me at the conference and get one of these buttons.


Because my cousin, Hazel Vukojevich, did the artwork for my pin. Hazel is a great artist that I think will be very famous for his work in the future. He already has been recognized for his great artwork in last year’s 2022 Pasadena Chalk Festival.

BTW, Hazel is only 15 years old!

Once I came up with my catchphrase for my TC23 pins, Hazel and I discussed what I was visually thinking about, we went through a few iterations of the design, and he did the artwork for the pin you see below. If you look closely at the pin, you can see the two dinosaurs in the artwork.

Hazel comes from a great pedigree. His father, Anthony Vukojevich, is a Background Layout/Prop Designer and Publicity Artist at Disney Television Animation. Anthony previously worked on Phineas and Ferb and is currently working on Big City Greens. Hazel’s mom, Maureen Iser Vukojevich, previously was a Line Producer in television animation and won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Animated Program for Rugrats. She currently is a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Some Examples of Hazel’s Work

Here are some examples of Hazel’s work. I think he is extremely talented, and we will see more of his work in the future. Just think – you will have this pin in your Tableau Conference pin collection and be able to say you have an early example of Hazel’s work.

Hazel drew this after watching Wandavision with his dad. They both enjoyed watching the series and he was inspired to draw Vision, since he is one of his favorite characters.

Hazel drew this piece of Henry and Sam from The Last of Us using Procreate, the digital art studio.  Sam is one of his favorite characters from the Last of Us and he really enjoyed the parts of the show Sam was in.

This next piece is an 8 foot by 8-foot chalk mural that Hazel made for the 2022 Pasadena Chalk Festival. It is of a Ukrainian woman wearing a traditional headdress and outfit. Hazel was the winner of Most Inspirational for the Festival.


Image: Hanna-Barbera, Fred Flintstone (Yabba Dabba Doo) Presentation Cel, 1980s-1990s), Flickr, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/530439662345487538/.

Image: Vukojevich, Hazel, Vision, 2022.

Image: Vukojevich, Hazel, Henry and Sam, The Last of Us, 2023.

Image: Vukojevich, Hazel, Ukrainian Woman, 2022 Pasadena Chalk Festival, Most Inspirational Winner.

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