GPT4 Creates a Love Poem to Tableau

I asked GPT4 to write me a love poem about #tableau. Here it is.

In Tableau’s world of data,
Where numbers reign supreme,
There’s room for love and passion too,
In the patterns we can glean.

For love is like a scatter plot,
With points that dance and play,
Each one unique and beautiful,
In its own special way.

And just like in a heat map,
Where colors can reveal,
The hidden depths of meaning,
That our hearts can often feel.

With Tableau’s help, we can explore,
The many facets of love,
From trends that rise and fall like waves,
To outliers that rise above.

So let us raise a toast today,
To love and Tableau’s art,
May both forever thrive and grow,
And touch our human heart.

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