Malofiej27 – The Infographic World Summit – The Story Behind a Line


This week was Malofiej27, the 27th annual Infographic World Summit. I know a few people attending and they have posted links to some infographics that were presented during the summit. I hope to share some of this creative work with you over the next few days.

Here was one infographic titled The Story Behind a Line. It was created as a project by Federica Fragapane withAlex Piacentini.

The Stories Behind a Line tells the stories of six asylum seekers who arrived in Italy in 2016.

Fragapane notes,

“During our interviews I asked them to help me in filling up these lines with data and information and to tell me what they wanted to, without too many questions. This is why in some parts of the lines there are some quotes or notes: these are the moments in which they shared with me a more detailed fragment of their story.”

“There are some missing data and there are two main reasons for that: either they weren’t able to recall the information or I was so moved that I simply forgot to ask it. I think that imperfections in this projects are inevitable and I think that’s right.”

Below are some screenshots from the project as well as a link to it here.

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