Malofiej 27: The Graphic Recordings of Katherine Haugh


I am continuing blogging about the many great and informative tweets from Malofiej27. Today, I am showcasing the graphical recordings drawn by Katherine Haugh at Malofiej27.

Katherine Haugh is an evaluator and a graphic recorder. She currently lives and works in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Haugh recently created a website which can be found here. Per her blog, she states,

My hope for this website is that it will become a platform for sharing important and relevant information in a creative way that will help and/or provide comedic relief to evaluators in their day to day work. From M&E practices for international development to useful tips for data visualization, I’ll be covering any and all topics that are of interest to me and you!

Below are some of the graphic recordings Katherine created at
Malofiej27 related to presentations she attended.

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