Readers: I am continuing blogging about the many great and informative tweets from Malofiej27. Today, I am showcasing the graphical recordings drawn by Katherine Haugh at Malofiej27. Katherine Haugh is an evaluator and a graphic recorder. She currently lives and works in Washington, D.C. Ms. Haugh recently created a website which can be found here. […]

Readers: This week was Malofiej27, the 27th annual Infographic World Summit. I know a few people attending and they have posted links to some infographics that were presented during the summit. I hope to share some of this creative work with you over the next few days. Here was one infographic titled The Story Behind […]

Luiz Iria worked at Editora from April 1995 to 2013. He was Director of the Center for Computer Graphics of April for the past eight years, and his works were published in the magazines Superinteressante, examination, strange world, Playboy, and health, and in international publications like Muy Interesante, Focus and Quest. He has won the […]