Officials Who Left in the Trump, Obama and Bush Administrations in the First Two Years

In examing the turnover of the current presidential cabinet and cabinet-level positions to the two preceding administrations run by Presidents Obama and Bush, we have seen far more resignations and dismissals than the prior two administrations. The totals become magnified by President Trump’s tendency to fill new vacancies in his administration with an existing member of his cabinet or White House staff.

Here are comparison charts of the three administrations provided in the source article noted below by Lauren Leatherby in Bloomberg L.P.

Here are head-shots of the people who have left the Trump administration, and those who still remain, in his first two years in the Presidency.

Source: Leatherby, Lauren, Here Are All the Officials Who Have Left the Trump Administration, Bloomberg, Published: March 22, 2018, Updated: December 20, 2018,

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