• Tableau Deep Dive: Trends – Part 2

    Readers: In Part 1 of my deep dive into Trending in Tableau, I went over the the different ways of adding trend lines, how trends are calculated by Tableau after querying the data source, and how trend lines are drawn based on various elements in the view. In Part 2, I will go over how to customize… Continue Reading

  • Top 5 User Interface Design Trends in 2017

    Readers: Today I am sharing Roman Bord’s top 5 user interface design trends for 2017. Mr. Bord had originally published this on Inspirationfeed.com. Enjoy! Best regards, Michael Top 5 User Interface Design Trends in 2017 By Roman Bord, Inspirationfeed.com Mobile market shows a huge growth every year. It’s not a secret that more and more… Continue Reading