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  • Interview Question #7: Object Manager

    Question As a MicroStrategy developer, you are constantly using Object Manager to migrate objects that you develop inside the Subject Areas folder in your project. To save time, what object can you create to enable you to go straight to this folder when you open Object Manager? A. Layout B. Project Source C. Script D. […]

  • Interview Question #6: Warehouse Tables Options

    Question Which of the following options in the Warehouse Tables pane would you use to view the first 100 rows of data in a table? A. Show Table Structure B. Show Top 100 Rows C. Show Sample Data D. Select Database Instance E. You cannot accomplish this in the Warehouse Tables pane. Answer C. Show […]

  • Interview Question #5: Analysis Using Enterprise Manager

    Question If you want to analyze the average length of time users must wait for their documents or reports to process, as well as the number of errors that were received in Enterprise Manager, which area of analysis would enable you to track this information? A.   Performance Analysis B.   Operations Analysis C.   Real-Time Analysis D.   […]

  • Interview Question #4: Slowly Changing Dimensions

    Question Which type of Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) would you use if your data was time dependent and you do not require historical comparisons? A.  Like vs. Like B.  As Is vs. As Was (Type II) C.  As Is vs. As Is (Type I) D.  As Is vs. As Was Answer C.   As Is vs. […]

  • Interview Question #3: Converting a Consolidation to a Custom Group

    Question Can you always convert a consolidation to a custom group and vice versa? Answer You can always convert a consolidation to a custom group, but you can only convert a custom group to a consolidation when the custom group filters are from the same table or very similar tables.

  • Interview Question #1: MicroStrategy Generated SQL

    Readers: Today, I am going to introduce a new blog entry related to Interview Questions. I have interviewed a lot of people for various MicroStrategy positions over the years and thought I would share with you some of the questions I have asked or have been asked on interviews. I will try to add two […]