Interview Question #6: Warehouse Tables Options


Which of the following options in the Warehouse Tables pane would you use to view the first 100 rows of data in a table?

A. Show Table Structure

B. Show Top 100 Rows

C. Show Sample Data

D. Select Database Instance

E. You cannot accomplish this in the Warehouse Tables pane.


C. Show Sample Data

The Warehouse Tables pane, shown below on the left side, displays a list of the data sources available for the project.

Interview 6-2

Note: If the Warehouse Tables pane is not displayed, from the Home tab, in the Panels area,

click Show the Warehouse tables section:

Interview 6-1


You can right-click a data source and select from the tasks listed below.

  • Select Mapping Color: Defines the color associated with the data source. A table that is included in a project display this color to distinguish what data source it is from.
  • Update: Updates all the tables for the data source to reflect their definitions in the data source.
  • Warehouse Catalog Options: Opens the Warehouse Catalog options dialog box to define various settings for data warehouse connection and operation defaults using Architect, including:
    • Warehouse Connection: These options allow you to modify the database instance and database login used to connect the data warehouse to a project.
    • Read Settings: These options allow you to customize the SQL that reads the Warehouse Catalog for every platform except Microsoft Access.
    • Table Prefixes: These options allow you to specify whether table prefixes are displayed in table names and how prefixes are automatically defined for tables that are added to the project.
  • Select Database Instance: Opens the Select Database Instance dialog box to select data sources to display in Architect.

Interview 6-3


You can expand a data source to view the tables available in the data source (see screenshot above). You can right-click a table and select from the tasks listed below:

  • Add Table to Project: The table is included in the project schema. You can then create attributes and facts on the columns of the table. This option is not available if the table is already included in the project.
  • Show Element: Displays the table included in the project in the Project Tables View. This option is only available if the table is already included in the project.
  • Show Sample Data: Displays a subset of the data available in the table. This lets you determine the type of data that is available in the table.
  • Update Structure: Updates the table to reflect its definition in the data source.

The Warehouse Tables pane also allows you to add tables from multiple data sources to your project.

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