Interview Question #1: MicroStrategy Generated SQL


Today, I am going to introduce a new blog entry related to Interview Questions. I have interviewed a lot of people for various MicroStrategy positions over the years and thought I would share with you some of the questions I have asked or have been asked on interviews. I will try to add two interview questions a month.

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Why does the SQL you created using MicroStrategy (assume it generated a single-pass SQL) produce different results than when you run it directly against a database?


There may have been steps that required the analytical engine which would only occur on the Intelligence Server and not when you directly run SQL against a database.

2 thoughts on “Interview Question #1: MicroStrategy Generated SQL

  1. I think the question is not well stated.
    “SQL” Generated (technically) never creates different results.
    “Report Result” and “SQL Result” might be different.

    PS: There are cases SQL may create different result from DBQuery Tool and database (forexample Toad). Its a defect that rarely happens due Microstrategy Drivers

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