Yuli Wang Bio Hi, this is Yuli from China. First of all, thanks to Michael for letting me be on his blog. I was born and grew up in Shaoxin, Zhejiang, located in Eastern China. My major is Geographic Information Science in college and my first job is a GIS Data Engineer in the field […]

Religion, not race, is the best single predictor of voting preferences America’s founding fathers envisioned a republic in which free-thinking voters would carefully consider the proposals of office-seekers. Today, however, demography seems to govern voters’ choices. Since April 2017 The Economist and YouGov, a pollster, have surveyed 1,500 Americans each week. They have built a statistical model […]

Readers: Disclaimer: I am a registered Independent voter. I tend to vote for those candidates who I think will best serve their constituents and our great country. The rest of it is just noise. I try not to stray into the realm of U.S. politics in my dataviz blogging. Having done so in the past has […]

Source: Jim Taylor Ph.D., Six Reasons Why Politicians Believe They Can Lie, Psychology Today, Sep 24, 2012, https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-power-prime/201209/six-reasons-why-politicians-believe-they-can-lie. NOTE: Full Biography of Mr. Taylor can be found at the end of his article below. Do politicians really think they won’t be caught when they lie? With the presidential and congressional campaigns in the homestretch, the quadrennial […]

Readers: So, yesterday was an interesting day. I had 4,000+ views of the original post of the Chart, Who Lies More – A Comparison (see image to the right).  I also had the most comments about an individual post in the history of me blogging about data visualization. A lot of you who posted comments are more […]

Source: WSJ News Graphics, Inside the Trump coalition: How he performs among voter groups, Twitter.com, March 27, 2016, pic.twitter.com/c9gdTRaR2F