DataViz as Map: How Per-Pupil Spending Compares Across U.S. School Districts

Source: Katie Park, Alyson Hurt, Tyler Fisher and Lisa Charlotte Rost/NPR, Map: How Per-Pupil Spending Compares Across U.S. School Districts, Education Week, April 18, 2016,

An Education Week Research Center analysis of federal data shows spending levels per student in most U.S. school districts for fiscal year 2013. The school finance analysis comes from Education Week‘s Quality Counts 2016, which provides details on how states allocate funding to public schools and grades them, taking into account overall spending and the equity with which that funding is distributed among districts.

This map, using Research Center data, was produced by NPR for a series on public school spending across the states.

Click here to view the interactive map on the Education Week web site.




Based on an Education Week analysis of federal data, this map displays spending per student for school districts in the 2013 fiscal year. Expenditure amounts have been adjusted for regional differences in cost of living, using the NCES Comparable Wage Index 2013 as updated by Lori Taylor of Texas A&M University. The map displays “regular” school districts and does not include supervisory unions, regional education service agencies, other non-standard agency configurations, or districts missing student enrollment information. Some school district boundaries may have changed since this analysis.






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