DataViz: 14 of California’s 20 Largest Wildfires Burned Since 2000 (Climate Signals)

Californias Largest Wildfires

What is Climate Signals?

cs-logo-beta-01Climate Signals is a science information project of Climate Nexus, a non-profit organization under the fiscal sponsorship of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a 501(c)3 organization.

Originally launched in 2010 as an independent project, Climate Signals underwent graphic redesign and content expansion in 2016 as a project of Climate Nexus. Climate Signals is directed by project founder Hunter Cutting. The Climate Signals database is managed by Rose Andreatta.

Graphicacy brought the current version to life, providing the coding, graphic design, branding, and page development, as well as additional feature design.

Highlighting local impacts

Climate change affects us all. Through the use of mapping, Climate Signals identifies and illustrates what climate change looks like on the ground, in your region, state, or neighborhood and specifies the long-term climate trends and physical processes at work.

Cutting through complexity

The relation between individual extreme events and broader climate trends can be very complex.

Climate Signals cuts through that complexity by drawing a line from current events through a hierarchy of signals connected to the anthropogenic increase in atmospheric GHG concentrations. Climate Signals specifies the larger trends and physical processes of climate change that are the context for individual events.

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