Cartogram: House Election Results: Democrats Take Control (The New York Times)


Last week, The New York Times published an interactive map for the 2018 Midterm Elections. The map and story were titled House Election Results: Democrats Take Control

You were given two ways to view the results: one as a map and the second as a cartogram (see screenshots below).

I really enjoyed the cartogram, and there was a lot of discussion about it on Twitter.

John Burn-MurdochOne opinion was provided by John Burn-MurdochPhoto, right. Mr. Burn-Murdoch creates stories, stats, and scatterplots for @FinancialTimes. He is currently working on bias in AI.

I have included screenshots of his observations in his Twitter thread below.

I really appreciate his thoughts on this and it provided me additional insights on why and how to view a cartogram.




Map - 2018 Midterm Elections NYT


Cartogram - 2018 Midterm Elections NYT

Murdoch Tweet 1Murdoch Tweet 2

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