Tableau TC18: Sites and Sounds of TC18

Tweeted by David Velleca

I have a few options to choose from, but I think my favorite is either the #FlerlageConspiracy or #DoItInPublic @FlerlageKev @flerlagekr @tableaupublic

Tableau Buttons

Tweeted by Zach Bowders

quote of the day

“Color is the most powerful thing you can do.

Don’t be a puking unicorn.”

xx Zach Bowders

Tweeted by Ankush Laxmeshwar

In New Orleans for ; found this in the French Quarter!

xx Ankush Laxmeshwar

Tweeted by Brian Mooneyham

it’s what’s for breakfast!

xx Brian Mooneyham

Tweeted by Chloe Tseng

Hello , I am here in NOLA!!

xx Chloe Tseng

Tweeted by David Pires

The moment you come close to the living dead at

xx David Pires

Tweeted by Keely O’Neill

Finishing touches before tomorrow! Ain’t no party like an aggregator party at

xx Keely ONeill

Tweeted by Vince Baumel

If you’re at and see my crazy blue glasses come say hi!

xx Vince Baumel

Tweeted by Mark Bradbourne

Below (from left): Mark Bradbourne, Kevin Flerlage, Simon Beaumont, Ken Flerlage

xx Mark Bradbourne 1

xx Mark Bradbourne 2

xx Mark Bradbourne 3

Tweeted by Lorna Eden

I made some glittery bow ties for the one and only

Below: Sarah, Fi, Jeremy, James, Simon, Paul B, Sarah, Mark, David, Laura, Stephen

xx Lorna Eden

Tweeted by Susan Glass

So thrilled to win a t-shirt with one of my favorite vizzes from at . Thank you Neil!

xx Susan Glass

Tweeted by Patrick Van Der Hyde

puzzle #1 is done.

xx Ambassador puzzle

Tweeted by Claire Smith

We have the BEST Stewart at hotel modern, Miss Dee 🙌😍❤️ She said “take a picture and put it on Twitter!” And when Miss Dee gives an order, you listen! 🤣❤️❤️

xx Claire Smith

Tweeted by David Kelly

With this is how the do . Dragon Drop style

xx David Kelly

Tweeted by Ellie Fields

Amanda gives the people what they want: vector tile maps in .

xx Ellie Fields

Tweeted by Vince Baumel

I mean, where do you even GET a suit like that?! Looking extra sharp !

xx Andy Cotgreave

Tweeted by Simon Beaumont

The only way to make up for ending, tiki tiki juice with my before we all head out for meal should be a great night

xx Simon Beaumont

Tweeted by Philip Riggs

Be sure to visit the Public area at to find out how to build your own Viz Gallery!

xx Philip Riggs

Tweeted by Jordan Scott

You guys… 😍

xx Jordan Scott

Tweeted by David Velleca

Working on collecting as many as I can. Thanks to for the custom buttons!
David Velleca

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