Finding Oases In Food Deserts
Corey Jones!/vizhome/FindingOasesInFoodDeserts/Dashboard1

Finding Oases In Food Deserts

Gender & Ethnic Disparities in Tech Companies
Ivett Alexa

Gender&Ethnic disparities in Tech Companies

The American Political Universe
Mike Cisneros!/vizhome/PoliticalDW/TheAmericanPoliticalUniverse

The American Political Universe

State Medigap Costs – #ProjectHealthViz
Lindsay Betzendahl!/vizhome/StateMedigapCosts-ProjectHealthViz/Medigap


US Fruit Consumption
Leigh Fonseca!/vizhome/USFruitConsumption/Fruit


Explore Flight Delay & Tweet Data
Sue Grist

Flight Delays

Total Annual Loss of Bee Colonies in the US (Part of #TC18 Viz Gallery)
Klaus Schulte!/vizhome/TotalAnnualLossofBeeColoniesintheUS/Dashboard1


Boeing Commercial Market Outlook 2018-2037
The Boeing Company!/vizhome/BoeingCommercialMarketOutlook2018-2037/CommercialMarketOutlook

Boeing Commercial Market Outlook

ProjectHealthViz Childhood Deaths
181 views | Young Song!/vizhome/projecthealthviz_childhood_deaths/childhood_deaths


Ratios of Inequity
Nai Louza!/vizhome/RatiosofInequity/RatiosofInequity

Ratios of Inequity

Jordan Career Scoring
Jeff Plattner!/vizhome/JordanCareerScoring/PlayerViz

Michael Jordan

Dilyana Bossenz!/vizhome/Baseball_34/Dashboard1


Super Bowl 2018 LII | Big Game Battle
Ann Jackson


3rd place winner: DataforaCause Entry – Global Peace Scores
Valerie Mais!/vizhome/DataforaCause-GlobalPeaceScores/DASHBOARD

Data for a Cause

New York Rat Sightings
Claire Kim!/vizhome/2018W27NewYorkRatSightings/NewYorkRatSightings

New York Rat Sightings

MakeOverMonday – Overtourism
Ludovic Tavernier!/vizhome/MakeOverMonday-Overtourism/Tableaudebord1


A History of the World Cup
Ken Flerlage!/vizhome/AHistoryoftheWorldCup/WorldCup

World Cup

The Magic of New Orleans
Jeff Plattner!/vizhome/TableauTakestheBigEasy-Minneapolis/NOLA


Hottest Places in New Orleans
Tricia Duncan!/vizhome/TableauTakestheBigEasy-Minneapolis2/HottestPlacesDashboard


Exploring Restaurants in New Orleans
Jeff Park!/vizhome/TableauTakestheBigEasy-Phoenix1/NOLAViz


My partner in data crime, Claire Smith, visiting the Tableau Public Viz Gallery at TC18 in New Orleans.

Claire at TC18 Viz Gallery

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