Dataviz as Maps: World Geography, John Hodgdon Bradley (Part 2)


Here is the second part of showing you screenshots of interesting maps and diagrams from the book, World Geography by John Hodgdon Bradley, which was published in 1948. This was a textbook for secondary education.

If you love the maps and diagrams in this book, you can buy a copy of it for a couple of dollars on Amazon.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these maps and diagrams from this book as much as I have.

Best regards,




The Work

Automobile Plant

Iron Ore

Bituminous Coal


Commercial Air Routes US

Commercial Air Routes Europe

Chief Airways

Europe From The East

Europe Troubles

Great Britain Commodities

The British Empire

International Triangle

South America

Latin American Countries

South America Chief Resources

South America Resources

Defense Center

Southeastern Asia

Chinese Territory

Japanese Empire

USSR From The South

Soviet Union Farm and Range Lands

Soviet Union Mineral Deposits

North America

Countries Map

Energy Grades

Self Governing Nations

Percent of Foreign Trade

Mexico Products

Maps and How to Use Them

Map Orientation

Cylindrical Project of the Earth

Time Zones


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