Dataviz as Maps: World Geography, John Hodgdon Bradley (Part 1)


As many of you know, I love viewing old maps. A component of this love for old maps is the love of old books about maps.

In the screenshots below, I have included some interesting maps and diagrams from the book, World Geography by John Hodgdon Bradley, which was published in 1948. This was a textbook for secondary education.

I highly encourage you to read A Note to the Teacher. Mr. Bradley was very insightful in his pointing out that viewing maps and illustrations is a far better tool to teach students about geography than simply providing statistical numbers.

I will publish some more screenshots from the second half of the book in the next week.




A Note to the Teacher 3

A Note to the Teacher 4

A Note to the Teacher 5

A Note to the Teacher

A Note to the Teacher 2

Farmer in Massachusetts


Polar Map

Polar Map - South

Climate Getation

Wild Animals
Coal Production

Coal Flow

Dairy Cows

Beef Cattle

Hydroelectric Plant

Irrigation Projects


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