DataViz as History: Rescue of Soccer Team Trapped for a Week in Thailand Cave


Yesterday, rescue divers in Thailand found a soccer team of 12 boys and their coach alive more than a week after the group went missing in a cave.

Thai Navy SEALs found the team and many infographics, diagrams and photographs have been published as part of the story in many newspapers, both print and digital.

I thought I would share some of these images with you.

Best regards,


Thai Cave

_102319258_thai_cave_rescue_v2_inf640-nc20f1fcfdef933bc1f6964e9930f71a314f3a7c1428e7000f3c3b875ee1fa866ebb0c2c5cb0698715030b6eb877812355773b80bf9b00d36c35565dc620534a0614215f69810103c385b7baab288cd1bd5531749091530495626_4864-org636657849049249082-062818-Thailand-cave-rescue-OnlineDg2M6m9VQAMgjR-DhGvgNkX0AEVvLSf2b235e3527ce4d5c2676f28b1f2055e39027f2fThailand Cave Rescue For Missing Soccer TeamGN38101C(1)_ENthai-cavethailand-1529941835660



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