Political Infographic: Trump-Kim to Meet at Sentosa Island

This week, U.S. President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will meet in a historic summit at the five-star Capella Hotel on the Singaporean island of Sentosa.

Once known as the “island behind death” due to its violent piracy past, and the site of a World War II massacre, the now tranquil island of Sentosa provides a luxurious backdrop to the historic summit.

Sources familiar with the summit arrangements said U.S. diplomats had picked the island resort, which is connected to the Singapore main island by a single causeway that can be easily closed off to traffic.

Source: Graphic News, Trump-Kim summit venue named, GN Graphic News, June 6, 2018, https://www.graphicnews.com/en/pages/38026/POLITICS_Trump-Kim_summit_set_for_Sentosa_island.


Trump-Kim Summit Infographic


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