DataViz Charts: Tracking America in the age of Trump (The Economist)

The Economist, in their daily chart for June 4, 2018, presented eleven measures that take the temperature of Donald Trump’s America. Mr. Trump’s campaign slogan promised to “Make America Great Again”. He has now been in office over 500 days, and appears ready to proclaim victory for his successes. The president bases this on the assumption that the strong economy and soaring confidence are a result of his policies. “Best Economy & Jobs EVER,” he tweeted on June 4th. Dissenters assert that Mr Trump is reaping the benefits of policies enacted by the previous Obama administration and that he has achieved little beyond a tax cut that favors the rich.

In an effort to peer through the partisanship and offer us some insight, The Economist compiled 11 charts that keep tabs on Mr Trump as he progresses through the remaining 961 days of his first term as president.

Source: Data Team, Tracking America in the age of Trump, The Economist, Daily Chart, June 4, 2018,

Obama-Trump Line Charts

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