Tableau v2018.2 Beta 2: Announced Features


Tableau released Tableau v2018.2 Beta 2 today. Below is a list of the announced features for beta users to test.



  • Symmetric Log Axis (Negative values on log axis) – Easily view heavily skewed distributions with the option to show negative values on a log scaled axis.
  • @mentions – Use @mention to direct a comment or question to a specific user within the comments panel. Your colleague will be notified via email so they can keep up with the discussion.
  • Dashboard Extensions Management – Dashboard Extensions in Beta 1 included the ability to add Extensions to your dashboard and to render Extensions on Tableau Server. This set of scenarios focuses on Tableau Server interfaces for safelisting and blocking Extensions and turning the feature on & off.
  • Nested Sorting – Enjoy a more intuitive sorting experience. Sort dimension values within the context of each pane for better top- or bottom-n analysis of your data.
  • ISO-8601 Date Parts – We’ve brought ISO standard calendar support to Tableau. You can now use ISO-8601 defined weeks in calculations and visualizations for better calendar-based analysis.
  • Unions on the web – Create and Edit Unions in the DataTab on Tableau Server and Online
  • Merge Mismatched Fields on the web – Get rid of those NULL value fields by merging non matching fields.
  • Federations on the web – Sometimes, to answer your hardest questions, you have to integrate multiple data sets to uncover insight.
  • Pivot Data on the web – When working with file based data sources on the web, you can pivot your data from crosstab format into columnar format.
  • Copy Data on the web – Copy values on the web within the Data Grid
  • Job Management APIs – In Tableau 2018.2 Beta 2 we have added two new APIs: GetJobList and CancelJobs to Tableau Server and Tableau Online for Server and Site Admin users. We have also extended the GetJobInfo API to include subscriptions. Previous versions of GetJobInfo only supported extract refreshes.
  • Downgrade Workbook Improvements (updated) – Understand the impact of downgrading a workbook from Tableau Server or Tableau Online before you do it. When you choose to downgrade a workbook you will now see a prompt letting you know whether that workbook is fully compatible, if there are features that may be lost, or if that workbook won’t work.
  • Tableau Services Manager (TSM) (updated) – Tableau Services Manager (TSM) brings you a brand new Tableau Server admin experience for Windows and Linux on the web. With a streamlined user experience, it’s easier to automate many Tableau Server management tasks, including hot topology changes for backgrounder and VizQl Server processes. Enjoy greater admin flexibility with less downtime.

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