MH370 Revisited: Four-Year Search Comes to an End (The Washington Post)


Like many people, I have been fascinated with the disappearance and recover efforts of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 since its disappearance on March 8, 2014.

My previous four blog posts related to this can be found below.

Yesterday, The Washington Post published an article noting that the four-year hunt for Flight MH370 was coming to an end as the private Texas-based contractor Ocean Infinity’s search vessel, was ending their search amid rising costs and deteriorating weather.

Included in the article was this great infographic related to the search.


About two weeks ago, new questions about the plane’s disappearance were raised when a team of analysts assembled by an Australian TV channel said the 53-year-old pilot may have committed suicide — killing 238 people with him.

The theory presented was that the pilot may have depressurized the plane, knocking out anyone not wearing an oxygen mask, which would explain the mysterious silence as the plane disappeared from radar or why the wreckage wasn’t found along its projected flight path.

Other investigators have disputed that possibility, reemphasizing that they think everybody on the plane — including the pilot — fell unconscious. The uncontrolled aircraft later ran out of fuel, investigators think, and crashed into the sea.

Only the finding of the actual wreckage would help determine and explain what really happened to Flight MH370, but now the changes of this occurring have severely diminished.


Noack, Rick, Four-year search for Flight 370 to end, leaving a mystery, The Washington Post, May 29, 2018,



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