WSJ DataViz: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 – The Depth of the Problem


Like many of you, I have been watch in utter fascination as various countries help in the efforts to find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal posted this infographic I had to share with you. Not only does it give perspective of how deep the black boxes may be, it also provides historical information on other tragic flights that happened to end up in the ocean. To show that perspective, they have you scroll down through the infographic like you were traveling deeper and deeper to the ocean floor. The infographic is 16,035 pixels in height, which is close to 18 feet long!

I again want to send my prayers to the families of the people on board Flight MH370. This must be a very difficult time for them until we have some finite answers.

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The Depth of the Problem [1]

After an Australian vessel, Ocean Shield, again detected deep-sea signals consistent with those from an airplane’s black box, the official leading a multi-nation search expressed hope Wednesday that crews will begin to find wreckage of a missing Malaysian airliner “within a matter of days.”“I believe we’re searching in the right area,” Retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston said.

The Depth of the Problem - WSJ


[1] Richard Johnson and Ben Chartoff (Graphic – The Washington Post)), The Depth of the Problem, The Wall Street Journal, April 8, 2014,

2 thoughts on “WSJ DataViz: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 – The Depth of the Problem

  1. They know the ocean is that deep there…that’s why it’s there. Because its oooo deep and we will struggle to ‘find’ anything. Can’t wait for the movie…maybe the people go zombie and it takes them a year to walk from the depths of the ocean to take over the world! There you go free $Million dollar story there

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