DataViz as Photography: America’s Hope


This will be my last post of the year.

I wanted it to be something that tells an American story of hope. But like a phoenix rising, hope rises from despair, so several of these photos show sad events in our history but in a poignant way.

I believe the best is yet to come. History is cyclic. The Washington Post’s slogan is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” If so, then we must guide it towards the light. We must rise from the darkness.

Have a Happy New Year.


Source: Douglas County, Georgia Genealogical Society,

Abraham Lincoln - 1862

Abraham Lincoln inspects the battlefield in 1862.

Alabama School House - 1935

An Alabama schoolhouse in 1935.

Albert Einstein at Grand Canyon - 1922

Albert Einstein visits The Grand Canyon in 1922.

Attica Inmates Playing Chess

Inmates at Attica play chess.

Cincinnati Main Library - 1950

Cincinnati’s cavernous main library, demolished in 1955.

Elder George Bush

Three days before his 19th birthday, George H.W. Bush became the youngest aviator in the US Navy.


An evening at home – date unknown.

Going Home

April 1945. Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson plays “Going Home” as FDR’s body is borne past in Warm Springs, GA, where the President was scheduled to attend a barbecue on the day he died.

JFK and Bobby - 1960

John F. and Bobby Kennedy in 1960.

San Francisco - 1906

Market Street, San Francisco, after the earthquake, 1906.

School Children with Bison - 1899

A group of school children visit a bison in 1899.

Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill - 1885

Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill pose together in 1885.

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