Political DataViz: Real vs. Fake News


Update: Here is the link to the original source. Thanks to Preston L. Bannister for providing it to me.



My wife sent me this the other day. I have tried to find the source, but have not been able to so far. Once I do, I will revise this post with the source and a link.





6 thoughts on “Political DataViz: Real vs. Fake News

  1. The title of this infographic conflates “fake vs real news” with credibility and so-called partisan slant. This is beyond irresponsible since “fake news” is increasingly used to misdirect many a news story these days. The placement of many of these news sources along this spectrum is problematic because it is entirely subjective. It might be more responsible to produce or post a chart that lists criteria for standards and then data that corresponds to those standards (such as # and credibility of sources on a given news story). For example, MSNBC vs Fox News adherence to journalistic source and fact-checking could not possibly place these two networks on the same “standards” level. And the format of having talking heads from both sides of the partisan divide on CNN does not necessarily qualify this network for “middle of the road” in terms of partisan slant, but instead reflects the network’s choice to engage in a dangerous false balancing discussed with nuance by Paul Krugman (NYTimes) and Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie (New Yorker). C’mon.

    1. Hi Eileen.

      I think it is getting harder everyday to trust any and all TV news sources these days regardless of your political bend. Very frustrating to watch when you just are not sure you are getting accurate news. All good points from you. Thanks for your feedback.

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