Infographic: 25 Expert Tips on How to Make Information Beautiful


Payman Taei, the Founder of Visme, sent me this great infographic he created.

Payman stated:

I really admire your work at A data viz and design junkie myself, I thought you’d agree that our information society does not need more words or numbers, but beautiful designed and meaningfully constructed visuals.

If you are like me, you know going from boring information to compelling visuals isn’t easy, though. Which is why I asked 25 industry experts for their advice on how they do it. We are lucky to have thought leaders like Gareth Cook and Steven Heller to share deep insights with us – all in the form of punchy, digestive soundbites.


So, here you go: a compilation of actionable tips on how to make information beautiful.

Thanks Payman for sharing.

Best Regards,



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