Infographic: The Amazing Evolution of Your Favorite Chocolate Bar Wrappers


Nancy Parker from Cera Packaging recently contacted me about an infographic they created.

I found the story her infographic tells very interesting (plus I am a big fan of chocolate bars).

You will find Nancy’s explanation of the story behind their infographic as well as the infographic itself.

I encourage any of you who are looking for a forum to showcase your data visualizations to contact me at I cannot guarantee I will post each and every infographic or data visualization I am sent, but I try real hard to get most of them posted as I see it as a benefit to our community.

Thanks, Nancy, for sharing your infographic with me.

Best regards to all,


The Amazing Evolution of Your Favorite Chocolate Bar Wrappers

We are living in an information-rich and hungry era where consumers have realized the importance of knowing more about the products they consume, and their quality and value. Businesses are faced with consumers that are increasingly interested in getting to know the companies and brands they’re supporting.

Since chocolate melts (just about) everyone’s hearts, we thought this sweet and unifying treat might be the perfect pretext to talk about the history of the chocolate bar and, more importantly, about how chocolate bar wrappers came to be and how they evolved. Reading through the infographic, you will learn that there is much more meaning behind how a simple treat is packaged.

At Cera Packaging, we’re dedicated to producing and providing the best and most varied types of packaging materials to those who need them. We believe in responsible and environmentally-aware commerce, and we believe that can be balanced with great quality and service. For us, an infographic about chocolate wrappers is a great opportunity to connect with people by showing we understand and share the need to be informed and responsible about what and how we consume.


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