Infographic: Beekeeping in Oman (Antonio Farach)

Antonio FarachAntonio Farach (photo, right) is the Infographic Editor at Muscat Media Group, publisher of Times of Oman and Al Shabiba.

He was commissioned to produce an infographic about the traditional beekeeping in Oman to be published in a double page format at the newspapers Times of Oman and Al Shabiba (the same graphic in English and Arabic) as for the Oman’s National Day celebration.

In the graphic there are two methods of Omani beekeeping, one using a hollow date palm trunk and other using a branch.

It took him around one month to create the infographic from the inception to the newspaper.

He created this graphic with the collaboration of Winie Ariany, who helped in the research and production of vector illustrations.

To see the entire story of how Mr. Farach created this infographic, click here.

Oscar Diversity 1928-2015



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