MOOC DataViz Showcase #3: Who’s Buying What ? (Jose Rodríguez)

I continue to showcase some of the beautiful work done by students who attended Professor Cairo’s Introduction to Infographics and Visualization MOOC course in October 2013 that just completed.

This one is to showcase is a redesign assignment by Jose Rodríguez.

Here is Jose’s explanation of his redesign.

In the review of “Who is buying what?” tried to focus on increasing the ability to answer questions with little effort from displaying the graph.

The questions we attempt to answer are:

  • What is the difference in purchasing power between the biggest spenders and the least?
  • What kind of expenses do the more expenders and the least expenders?
  • Where are distributed around the world the more spenders and the least?
  • Between the top expenders, what differences exists? and between the top less expenders?

To answers all this questions I do some “re-do”:

    • I put a bar graph to show the huge difference between the top 10 most expenders and the top less expenders, and between them.

    • To show the differences of priorities between top expenders and top less expenders AND between them, I put a vertical bar graph that escalate between top expenders and top less expenders.

    • To show where are distributed the countries less and most expenders I use a world map, but smaller one than original.

Below is the original information graphic design the students were suppose to review, analyze and re-design.

Original Who's buying What

Here is Jose’s redesign.

Jose - whoisbuyingwhat

More of Jose’s work can be found on his personal Web site. The link is below.

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