MOOC DataViz Showcase #1: Who’s Buying What ? (Julien Hennequart)


As I did when I originally attended Professor Cairo’s Introduction to Infographics and Visualization MOOC course last January, I am showcasing some of the beautiful work done by his current students in the October 2013 class that just completed.

The first one I am going to showcase is a redesign assignment by Julien Hennequart.

Julian focused on three parts of the design for his project.

  1. An overview of the subject, basically the same as the original but with a better organisation.

  2. The second page is on the position of countries relative of each items.

  3. And the last one, a work on the import/export of the items.

Below is the original information graphic design the students were suppose to review, analyze and re-design.

Original Who's buying What

Here is Julian’s redesign.

Mooc-W4-final01 Mooc-W4-final02 Mooc-W4-final03

Professor Cairo’s comments on his review of Julian’s assignment were as follows:

This is arguably the graphic that better preserves the looks of the original one, while making it much more interesting and easy to read. Good job.

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