Infographic: The Facts About Pee

Back in February, I blogged about an infographic that showed the composition of poop. To show that I can address both sides of our bodily functions, today I am blogging about an infographic that discusses the facts about pee.

Peeing may seem like a strange topic for an infographic but not if it will be posted on urinals in public bathrooms. Men are always wondering where to look while standing at the urinal trying to avoid any unintentional glancing at your neighbor. Now many public restrooms are solving this problem by placing images and articles in front of the urinal for guys to read. That is where this infographic comes from. This infographic displays some interesting facts about pee for you to read while you are peeing. [SOURCE]

From the percentage of people who pee in the shower to the amount of pee an elephant releases each day, you can find some very unique facts on the infographic. If you ever wondered what pee is made of then your questions will be answered with this infographic. Have you ever been to a pool and thought that someone may have peed in it well according to this infographic there is a good chance someone did.

Information like this is sometimes seen as crude or disturbing but why should we be ashamed of a very natural function of our bodies. The next time you think you have to pee really bad you may think of that elephant who pees 49 liters a day. Now that is a lot of pee!


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