Infographic: How Much Do We Poop – And What’s In It?

So I go from talking about Florence Nightingale and her achievements yesterday to poop today. *Sigh*

Not every infographic needs to be two feet tall with dozens of icons, charts and graphs. Sometimes an infographic can get its message across with a single image. Infographics like this one which feature some interesting facts about poop and its image of a multi-color poop. I’m hoping that is not real poop. I’m hoping that is play-doh poop. In any case, it is a visual that catches you quickly and the color coding disarms the potential vulgarity or distaste that poop’s more natural coloring might cause. [SOURCE]

I have reviewed some really poopy infographics, but I have to say this is the poopiest of them all. Let’s get to know our poop.


For the record, your average poop contains:

  • 1% protein
  • 4% salts
  • 75% water
  • 8% indigestible fibers
  • 8% dead bacteria (eww!)
  • 4% fats

This infographic is the poop. This poopy, bizarre infographic was created by the_digitalmonkey.

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