Source: Jessi Hargett, Photohistory: Thanksgiving Food, Fun & Facts, The Collegian, Bob Jones University, November 15, 2012,

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in eastern Ukraine yesterday, carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew members from the Netherlands to Malaysia. The infographic below from the UK website, The Conversation, shows confirmed information as of 8:24am BST today. Ukrainian authorities had closed airspace up to 32,000ft. Despite this, the aircraft’s flight route was declared safe […]

Source: Carlos Pimentel, 28 Odd Facts About the Human Body (Infographic), Karma Jello,

Being a lefty, I found this to be interesting. Enjoy! Michael

Back in February, I blogged about an infographic that showed the composition of poop. To show that I can address both sides of our bodily functions, today I am blogging about an infographic that discusses the facts about pee. Peeing may seem like a strange topic for an infographic but not if it will be posted […]