This week, I am going to be showcasing some of my MOOC Infographics course classmate’s Final Project. We were allowed to focus on any topic we wanted as long as we created an infographic.

Today I am focusing on Diana Troncoso’s infographic, Beyond Stealing Bread (Violence in Mexico). I will let Diana explain her project in her own words.

This infographic Beyond stealing bread”, talks about the major problem facing my country: violence.

I hope the infographic speaks by itself. However, I just want to give you a brief explanation on why I chose to do a static graphic.

In one hand, because of the data: When I searched for it, I noticed that there were many contradictions. Mexico’s government hasn’t published an official report about the amount of murdered, missing and displaced people. Therefore, I had to use and contrast different data, which could confuse readers if I only had put it in a data visualization.

On the other hand, because I decided to tell the whole story. In fact, when I began working I had another hypothesis (that poverty could explain violence). Nevertheless, after analyzing the data, I found out that the true was the opposite thing.

In conclusion, I went for a static infographic because I wanted to show the contradictions of the information and take readers step by step to discover what I discovered. Plus, static graphics can be published both in print and digital media! Well, I may had to adjust the font size.

Beyond Stealing Bread

[Click on image to enlarge]

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