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  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.48 – The Squirrels of Central Park Census

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.48 – The Squirrels of Central Park Census

    A week late, but here is my #MakeoverMonday for Week 48. I found this a particularly fun assignment. I did some additional research on the sounds a squirrel makes as I was not familiar with the terms Kuks and Quaas. Map inspiration from Nicolas Mieszaly, #Squirrel Census in Central Park, Tableau Public, here. Here is […]

  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.47 – Smartphone Ownership Among Youth

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.47 – Smartphone Ownership Among Youth

    I personally like trend lines, so I kept the trend line from the original article and added a bar chart to show the difference in ownership between the years 2015 and 2019. I also annotated the age where the largest increase in Smartphone ownership occurred. Here is the link to my dataviz for this week […]

  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.46 – Literacy Rates

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.46 – Literacy Rates

    *Sigh* Another year, and it is another year I am not at #TC19. It has been a very busy week at work, so I kept it real simple. I was interested in trying to create a Butterfly Chart. A Butterfly Chart is two bar charts on either side of the y-axis. I also wanted the […]

  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.45 – Las Vegas Convention Attendance Economic Indicators

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.45 – Las Vegas Convention Attendance Economic Indicators

    For many years now, when I needed to find a dataviz as inspiration for a project I had to do, my go-to person and web site is Andy Kriebel. Andy’s personal web site, Vizwiz.com, has some of the best content in the Tableau community for ways to effectively visualize and quickly answer questions on a […]

  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.44 – Yuma, Arizona Annual Sunshine Hours

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.44 – Yuma, Arizona Annual Sunshine Hours

    Call it whimsical, slacking, etc. When I saw that good old Yuma, Arizona had the most annual sunshine hours of any city in the world, I thought to myself, “What would USA Today do?” Here is my #MakeoverMonday dataviz for week 44. I wanted to do something simple and fun, so here you go! Here […]

  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.43 – Generation X Suicides

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.43 – Generation X Suicides

    I was late at getting started on this, but looked at a lot of other folk’s examples via Twitter over the week. Lots of creative juices flowing out there. I saw several datavizzes that followed a format similar to what I used, and based mine on one created by Sean Walpole. I like how Sean […]

  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.42 – Ironman World Championship

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.42 – Ironman World Championship

    This week, it took a village for me to create this dataviz. Inspiration by Eva Murray, Shivaraj, and Meera Umasankar’s Tableau Public DataVizzes for the Ironman World Championship. I liked how Shivaraj used a Bee Swarm Chart to compare distribution. I could not find a lot of information on Bee Swarm Charts and Tableau, but […]

  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.41 – UK Political Party Donations

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.41 – UK Political Party Donations

    This week I decided I wanted to experiment with Shapes in Tableau. I cannot help but think of big bags of money when I think of politics these days. I went to the Noun Project and found a bag of money with the UK Pound Sterling image. I showed the bags of money, the amounts […]

  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.40 – London’s Projected Population Increase

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.40 – London’s Projected Population Increase

    This week I decided I wanted to experiment with Slope Charts. The slope chart is the line chart’s fraternal twin. Line charts display three or more points in time while slope charts display exactly two points in time. Defined by Edward Tufte in his 1983 book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, this type of […]

  • #MakeOverMonday 2019.39 – Evictions in San Francisco

    #MakeOverMonday 2019.39 – Evictions in San Francisco

    I am slowly catching up on my #MakeoverMonday entries. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. I recently saw a news special about this particular issue, and it frustrates me that this is happening to the elderly and poor. San Francisco housing and rental rates are ridiculously high, and if there is money to […]