For many years now, when I needed to find a dataviz as inspiration for a project I had to do, my go-to person and web site is Andy Kriebel. Andy’s personal web site,, has some of the best content in the Tableau community for ways to effectively visualize and quickly answer questions on a variety of topics.

When I saw Andy’s entry for this week’s #MakeoverMonday, I had to dig in, study it, and look under the hood to see how he developed it. I really liked how Andy did his analysis on if convention attendance numbers for Las Vegas were a good indicator of being in a recession or predicting of one to come.

I used Andy’s workbook as my baseline. I did some additional research on recessions in the late 1960s and the 1970s and added those points and annotations to the chart. I also added some color to help indicate when the Great Recession occurred as well as a pinkish-red to indicate if we may be in a recession right now (or about to be in one).

Andy has been one of my main inspirations in the Tableau community not only for the great content he produces, but for how much he gives back to the community.

Here is the link to my dataviz for this week on Tableau Public.

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