Infographic: Most Popular Halloween Costume Trends 2017

While everyone loves the timeless options, the top selling Halloween costume trends are often based on pop culture characters for the current year. The Costume Super Center created an infographic featuring the industry’s best new costumes from 2007 to today. It’s fun to see how trends have changed.

This Halloween, creepy clowns are in. That’s why Costumer Super Center is predicting the #1 Halloween costume for 2017 to be Pennywise from the movie ‘IT’. This is the first time in over a decade that a horror-themed costume has cracked the top 5 most popular costumes of the year. It’s no surprise that this murderous clown would kill it and top the charts for Halloween with the box office success ‘IT’.


Source: Shanley, Matt, Most Popular Halloween Costume Trends 2017 [Infographic], Costume Super Center, September 27, 2017,



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